Saturday, April 12, 2008

Top ten coolest and weirdest toilet

1. Waterless toilet
No sewer system? use the waterless toilet from Eco Living Centre

2. Aquarium toilet
Don't flush or the fish will be flushed too...just kidding!

3. Incinerating toilet
Perfect for the cabin or cottage, bunkhouse, mobile office and wilderness worksites.

4. Hands-free toilet
This kind of toilet should be at public restroom which infections are higher than home.

5. Massaging toilet
Not only for massaging but you can even set the water and seat temperature!

6. Mp3 toilet
Mp3 player is normal. How about the mp3 toilet?

7. Pop up toilet
A pop up toilet? wow...amazing toilet!

8. Portable toilet
A briefcase toilet? What do you think?

9. Public semi-transparent toilet
You dare to make a poop in this toilet?

10. Dagobert throne toilet
Toilet for king only? Well, it's cost you more than $9000 to put it at your home!

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